Citizens for the City of East Cobb is an initiative grown out of the desire to provide the highest quality services to the residents of east Cobb County, Georgia. The City of East Cobb will provide economic development and growth in one of the most well known areas of metro Atlanta. East Cobb will continue to be family oriented while focusing on business development, city beautification, community events, and public safety.

Business Development
Being able to focus on a specific geographical location will significantly help business owners come together and address their needs. Do so will lead to a renewed local economy benefiting citizens.

City Beautification
Many of us consider East Cobb to be the most beautiful part of our favorite county. As a city, we’ll be able to take this mindset to the next level and create a unified, clean, and effective presence for everybody to enjoy.

Community Events
East Cobb’s rich history of diversity and culture makes it the perfect location for bringing families and communities together. Between an increase in the number of parks to holiday events, we want to help make East Cobb the perfect place to raise our children and families.

Public Safety
While the Cobb County Police and Fire departments have always performed an outstanding job protecting and serving East Cobb, we feel the quality of public safety in the area can still be increased. The public safety committee will study call volume, response times, crime trends, fire prevention, and other important data in order to determine the best route for the future of our citizens’ safety.